We deliver perfectly portioned, premium seafood proteins that your family can thrive on.

Our promise

We stand behind every product we sell - if it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for yours.

-Melissa - Mom, fish lover, amateur chef


To bring families and friendships together around the dinner table by delivering premium, conveniently packaged seafood proteins with quality and freshness standards that home chefs can always count on.


Eating seafood can be tricky.  At Fish Fixe we want to make it convenient for you to thrive on seafood.  That’s why we hand-select premium, nutrient dense proteins, portion them to make meal-prep easy, blast freeze the portions to seal in the “off the boat” freshness and deliver them to your door. Quick to thaw, easy to prepare and quality and freshness you can trust. We get it – life is busy, but let us help you sit around your dinner table more often.


If what they say is true, and we are what we eat, then we better start eating more seafood.  Packed with protein, bursting with nutrients and rich with Omega3 Fatty acids, seafood is a health food that should be a staple in your diet.  Fish Fixe makes it easy to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation of seafood 2-3 times a week with responsibly sourced seafood that you can trust:

**No Antibiotics**No GMO's**No Chemicals**Sustainably Sourced**


We've brought the fish market to you - the at home chef - saving you a drive to the grocery store, the waste from trimming your own fillet, and the complete loss from the week old fish that you planned to cook, but life happened.  Our premium seafood portions average $7.50/perfect, nutrient dense portion. 

Hungry yet?

We've got perfectly, portioned premium seafood ready to meet you.