You're the chef.

We get it - some of us just have "it."  You're the chef! Know what you want? Just take your pick of any combination of fishmonger selected perfectly portioned, premium seafood! The Fixe Your Own Box is built on a recurring order platform but is completely customizable.  Edit your order frequencies or product selections as often as you would like! Each box comes with 16 premium portions - hungry yet?

Our Fishmonger

finds the best seafood in the seas so that you can always count on serving high-quality, premium proteins to your family.

You Fill Your Box

with 16 portions of seasonal seafood proteins that you know and love!

Your Front Door

Welcomes 16 premium, better than grocery store "fresh" seafood portions - ready to cook any night of the week!

"Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy seafood.  And that's sort of the same thing."

Learn to cook.

Recipes, shopping lists and more.

Join the Family.

There's more to love than just great fish.